Meet Tracy,

Founder of Set The Table

Personal Chef & Food Consultant

Tracy's passion and interest in food started at the early age of eleven.
Growing up, her family owned a well-known grocery business in Palo Alto, California for 65 years.  Using the freshest ingredients, her mother and grandmother taught her everything they knew about cooking and baking.  It was then she found her zest for preparing delicious, natural meals and her
excitement with food started to flourish.

Thanks to a high school cooking class, Tracy began to learn about food from all around the world.  Her family cooked Italian and American and her class opened her mind to French and Mexican.  She still uses those amazing recipes to this day. Tracy became engrossed with learning about all kinds of cuisines as it makes eating so much more interesting.  Her family was strict with the way they cooked and if she deviated from their way, she would get an earful.

Tracy wrote this cookbook 11 years ago honoring her Grandmother.  Her family is originally from Spain so Tapas and Paella are some of her favorite dishes.

Tracy has worked as a Marketing Manager in the early 2000’s for Whole Foods Market in Los Angeles for five years and was named an “All-Star” out of 23 stores.
She then founded “Cafe Mangia”, a natural food cafe in Westwood.

Food is her passion and as your “Personal Chef and Food Consultant,” she will teach you, your family and your friends how to prepare and savor delicious, healthy food.

She will share with you tips on how to shop smarter at the grocery store and help you solve the “empty fridge” dilemma.

Another cookbook is in the works named appropriately “Set The Table” and it will highlight traditional meals yet cover all dietary needs. For example, Spaghetti and Meatballs but the then done traditionally, Vegetarian, Grain-Free, etc. so there’s something for everyone.

When Tracy isn’t in the kitchen, you will find her exploring the outdoors hiking or tending to her
garden. She enjoys Pilates and Gyrotonic Bodywork and is always ready for her next deep tissue
massage. Tracy is currently learning how to play the guitar and loves animals so she enjoys visiting
with all her client’s furry friends. They all have become her new Sous Chefs.

Mission: Provide delicious meals, “above and beyond” service and educate you on the health benefits
of whole food cooking. 

Food philosophy: “Keep it simple and natural and let the good ingredients speak for themselves.”

Role model: My Grandmother “The Gish” – she never let anyone go hungry and loved to entertain.

Favorite Quote: “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.”-Virginia Woolf

Chefs That Inspire Me: Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa.

Ina is a self-taught cooking genius that really focuses on fresh ingredients.  She started her cooking
business in her 40’s and has grown a fantastic brand all while maintaining a healthy relationship with
her husband and continues to entertain and enjoy food.  She is truly amazing.

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Los Angles, California

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