Does weekly grocery shopping stress you out? Do you know what’s safe to buy in terms of Organic vs. Non-Organic? Wild vs farm raised seafood? Can you tell the difference between real and fake Olive Oil? Allow me to put you at ease. My family owned a store for 65 years and it’s like a second home to me. I will create a week’s worth of menus and recipes for you. I’ll give you a guided tour through your favorite neighborhood grocery store with helpful tips and money saving tricks to get through the line, out the door and on your way home to cook some quick delicious meals.

2 HOUR LESSON – $150

  • Have a short consultation by email or phone of food likes and preferences for the week.
  • We will create a week’s worth of menus, food recipes​ and a grocery list.
  • We will meet you at your favorite store in your own neighborhood
  • ​You will get a personalized tour with some great tips on how to shop and at the end of the visit, you will leave with a better understanding of your store with some great strategies for future visits.